Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga is an exact science. It aims at controlling the thought waves or mental modifications of the mind. It is also called ashtanga yoga, or the yoga of 8 limbs. Hear more about this main path of yoga from … Weiterlesen

Self-realization Govinda Jaya Jaya

Divine life is life in God or the immortal soul. He who lives the divine life is free from cares and worries. Hear much more about this in this excellent lecture, followed by chanting of Govinda Jaya Jaya. For more … Weiterlesen

Why We Seek the Divine

There are many reasons why seekers search for the Divine. Yet, the most important is to recognize: God is not an object which can be found outside. God alone is. Brahman alone is. Affirm this, make this a reality. Live … Weiterlesen

Why We Search For God

There are many reasons why we search for God. Find out some of the many reasons in this interesting lecture. Recording of a live talk of Swami Atmaswarupananda in Sivananda Ashram Rishikesh February 2014. http://www.radiantatman.org           … Weiterlesen


„Vedanta“ comes from the sanskrit word „vid“ which means to know, and „anta“ which means the end. Vedanta means the end of wisdom. Vedanta comes from the Upanishads. It is the essence of the teachings of the smrtis. Listen to … Weiterlesen

Divine Life

Divine Life is life in God and the immortal soul. If you live a divine life you will be free of cares and worries and problems. Listen to more of this important lecture from Swami Sivananda. For more lectures and … Weiterlesen

Am 14.7.13 ist der 50 Jahrestag des Mahasamadhi von Swami Sivananda

Dieses Jahr ist ein besonderes Jahr: Wir feiern den 50. Jahrestag des Mahasamadhis von Swami Sivananda. Swami Sivananda war einer der ganz großen Yoga Meister des 20. Jahrhunderts. Er lebte von 1887-1963. Am 14. Juli 1963 verließ er seinen physischen Körper – und wirkt seitdem um so mehr und inspiriert Yoga Übende auf der ganzen […]