Why We Seek the Divine

There are many reasons why seekers search for the Divine. Yet, the most important is to recognize: God is not an object which can be found outside. God alone is. Brahman alone is. Affirm this, make this a reality. Live … Weiterlesen

Why We Search For God

There are many reasons why we search for God. Find out some of the many reasons in this interesting lecture. Recording of a live talk of Swami Atmaswarupananda in Sivananda Ashram Rishikesh February 2014. http://www.radiantatman.org           … Weiterlesen

Divine Life

Divine Life is life in God and the immortal soul. If you live a divine life you will be free of cares and worries and problems. Listen to more of this important lecture from Swami Sivananda. For more lectures and … Weiterlesen