Advice to Aspirant about God

Swami Sivananda talks about God in this letter to an aspirant in 1955. Some parts of the recording are difficult to understand, but you can feel the love that Swami Sivananda had for each of his devotees. For more lectures … Weiterlesen

Advice to an Aspirant – Forget and Forgive

Swami Sivananda reads aloud his advice to an aspirant about daily events, letter writing, and establishing yourself in the Divine Goodness. Forget and forgive harms done to you. A kind word said to a suffering man is charity. For more … Weiterlesen

Advice to an Aspirant

Swami Sivananda reads a letter (1955) where he advises an aspirant about an article they wrote. Faith, devotion, purity, prayer, and meditation are the 5 practices to find God. Use sympathy, cooperation, and love. You will realize the Self. For … Weiterlesen

Advice to Aspirant about Divine Dreams

Swami Sivananda reads a letter to an aspirant about divine dreams. He says that God is leading you to the realm of Bliss eternal. Divine dreams are prophets. Know your real nature. Do Japa, prayer, and meditation. For more lectures … Weiterlesen

Song of Immortality

In this lecture given through song, Swami Sivananda tells us how to achieve immortality – the main goal of human life. Ram Ram Ram. For more lectures and kirtans in Swami Sivananda’s own voice, please visit . Historical recording … Weiterlesen

Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga is an exact science. It aims at controlling the thought waves or mental modifications of the mind. It is also called ashtanga yoga, or the yoga of 8 limbs. Hear more about this main path of yoga from … Weiterlesen

Self-realization Govinda Jaya Jaya

Divine life is life in God or the immortal soul. He who lives the divine life is free from cares and worries. Hear much more about this in this excellent lecture, followed by chanting of Govinda Jaya Jaya. For more … Weiterlesen

Why We Seek the Divine

There are many reasons why seekers search for the Divine. Yet, the most important is to recognize: God is not an object which can be found outside. God alone is. Brahman alone is. Affirm this, make this a reality. Live … Weiterlesen

Divine Life

Divine Life is life in God and the immortal soul. If you live a divine life you will be free of cares and worries and problems. Listen to more of this important lecture from Swami Sivananda. For more lectures and … Weiterlesen